[English Otome Game Review] Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~

Holy moly my last post was half a year ago, can you believe that?!

Many things have happened in the past few months which caused the hiatus, sorry everyone! Can’t say I’m back for good, but I will try my best!

For now, here’s a review of one of the most recent localized otome games, Period: Cube!

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Spike Chunsoft, a Japanese video game developer, has just set up a poll on their twitter asking the fans which game they want localized (AKA translated to English) the most. And believe it or not, Kenka Bancho Otome is up there ❤

HOWEVER, as of the moment of writing this post, it is a tie between this game and 428 (which is a great game too, but my heart sings for otome). So if you want to make the localization of this game a reality, better head to Twitter right now to cast a vote! Every vote counts!!

The localization, should it actually happen, will be made into a Steam game, meaning it will be a PC game. Which is a shame, since I would love to play it on the Vita like the original Japanese version. But! Despite that, getting a localization is still a big step!


At the time of this post.


In case you don’t know about Kenka Bancho Otome, the story is you are a girl about to enter an all-girls high school, but you meet your long lost twin brother, and he blackmails you into entering his all-boys high school for him.


The catch, it’s a school filled with yankees and delinquents, and you must fight (literally) to survive and claim the throne as the school’s champion. And who knows, you might find love along the way XDDD

Update and Unboxings

Whew, it’s been approximately 3 weeks since my last blog post, and one day shy of being a month since I posted my summer plans.

And I have had zero to little progress at all in my otome gaming endeavors.

I thought I would have more time to myself and my otome games since my summer vacation officially began, but it turns out I was wrong.

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